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Choose to receive our weekly suggested menu or create your own by mixing and matching over 25 menu items each week

We custom prep, portion and package your fresh ingredients and include step by step recipe cards for each menu item

With several dinners in your fridge, dinner is ready when you are. Less than 20 minutes from your fridge to your table. Yup, it's that great!

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Quick, Easy & Delicious. Really.

With the prep work done for you by Dinner Thyme's talented chefs, you’ll begin cooking immediately. We’ve perfected our recipes to cook quickly and even first time cooks can follow our recipe cards with ease. Imagine: fresh and delicious food on your table in as little as 15 minutes!
Dinner Thyme
Our Service Fits You Because It's Customizable By You

Our service is customizable to fit your situation. Single eater? - almost all of our meals are available in single portions. Like variety? - each week we have over 25 items on our menu. Don't like a particular food group? - you can customize your menu anyway you like. Our service is designed to give you choices while making dinner preperation easier. We’re here to help you, not to box you in. Dinner Thyme
Dinner Is Ready When You Are

Delicious fresh food that’s ready when you are – Dinner Thyme makes it happen. With our proprietary packaging protecting our quality ingredients, your food can stay fresh for as long as a week. That’s going to come in handy when plans change. And we all know plans are always changing.
Dinner Thyme

Quality - No Compromise

With today’s busy schedules we all need convenience and we all crave quality. Dinner Thyme provides both. Take our Bell & Evans chicken. It’s air chilled, all natural, hormone and antibiotics free, raised on an all-vegetable diet and every chicken is traceable to the farm. This level of quality costs more, but once you taste it, you’ll know it’s worth it. Dinner Thyme Blue ApronDinner Thyme

Fresh Ingredients - It's An Obsession Of Ours

We’re obsessed with freshness because we know you are. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve been serving only the freshest products. Our chefs personally visit the wholesale markets and buy only the freshest ingredients. We buy products whole and cut our own meats, fish, poultry and vegetables by hand. Although time consuming, sourcing our ingredients this way ensures that you receive the freshest products possible!
Dinner Thyme Dinner Thyme Blue Apron


Contact Us

Corporate Office
Phone:  212-810-0884
Address:  215 E. 80th Street Suite PH-F
                    New York, NY 10075

Prep Kitchen
Address:  Hunts Point, Bronx, NY


How It Works

What's For Dinner? - The Choice Is Yours
Each week we’ll get you started by emailing you our Weekly Suggested Menu which will be customized to fit your preferences. But hold on, that is just our suggestion - feel free to create your own menu by mixing and matching over 25 different menu items (entrees, side items and even desserts).  Of course if you don't need help with dinner that week, we make it super easy to skip the week with just one click of your mouse.  Yes, it’s truly just that easy.

Our Chefs Go To Work
The day before your chosen delivery day, we gather the fresh ingredients that are needed for your meals. We do all the time consuming preparation – chopping, whisking, marinating, blending, etc.  You’re going to really appreciate our efforts when it’s dinner time because your job will be quick and easy while still leaving you with the fun, self-satisfying part that comes with cooking dinner.

Our Delivery Team Hits The Road
On your delivery day, our delivery team will swing by your home with your order. As long as you have a safe place for us to leave your order, you do not need to be home for delivery. Rest assured, our refrigerated delivery box will keep your items fresh and chilly until at least 10pm.

It's Dinner Thyme!
Now this is where things get good!  When it’s time for dinner, simply remove the cleaverly packaged, fully prepped ingredients from your refrigerator and start cooking.  Since our chefs have done all of the leg work for you, dinner will be on the table quick and easy; usually in about 15 minutes. Does all of this sound too good to be true?  Great, because that is exactly the kind of service we strive to deliver.


Listen To What Your Neighbors Are Saying

THANK YOU!! We are first time orderers today, and we just finished our meal. We were hooked on the first bite. Everything was so fresh, instructions were so detailed and easy to follow, and we could not stop eating all the food! (so much for leftovers tomorrow!) It is so nice to finally be able to cook a full meal (with a lot of help) and not spend a fortune in the grocery store in Manhattan. Im so glad that we finally tried you guys, and it was well worth it. You have found some permanent customers!! - Bridgette

I LOVE your meals! My favorites are the ones that would require me to slice and dice for ever in order to get a meal like yours from store to table. My favorites this time of year include the curry and the jambalaya. They are both awesome and taste like I've been working all day to make them...at least that's what my husband thinks I've done! - Jill

As a busy mom to 3 kids, I AM SO GRATEFUL for your entire team! My family now eats healthy, nutritious meals and my 11 year old is even learning how to cook. Take out menus are a thing of the past! LOVE YOU GUYS! - Ali

Love the concept. Great Website! I was walking by your location and picked up your postcard. Your menu is great. I have been trying meals every day this week that I would not have been prepared to cook at home after work. The portion size is great. I have been singing your praises all week. - Lenore

This is the greatest service. I can't tell you how much you have saved me. Faster then ordering in, 10X better tasting and 100X better for you. Thank's guys - keep up the good work! - Michael

I must say that I was really impressed from my very first order! All of the ingredients for these delicious entrée dishes are organized by specific colors and numbers, so you prepare it perfectly every time! By the way, I considered moving recently, but because I love these meals so much, I just renewed my apartment lease and plan to stay on the Upper East Side primarily for you guys! - Craig

Excellent concept. My meal was delicious and easy to prepare. You've taken out the part of cooking I don't like -- the prep and having all the ingredients on hand -- and kept in enough of the cooking for me to do that I felt like I really made my meal myself. Thanks! - Lisa

You guys rock - I took your advice and made dinner for my girlfriend and chose the Beef with Bordelaise Sauce...delicious. She loved it and as a beef fan, I was definitely impressed, not only with the quality but the ease of preparation with the included instructions. Thanks again. - Dan

I loved everything about our meal. The website is super easy and user friendly. The recipes were simple. My favorite part of your service is that the ingredients are perfectly prepped and portioned. - Karen

Are you kidding me! This is a great service. The quality is outstanding and it saves me hours per week. Love it! - Rachel

I hate cooking. I never imagined I'd have linguine with clam sauce anywhere other than a restaurant. This was so easy to cook and so delicious to eat! I highly recommend this dish;-) - Joan

A miracle! A true miracle! I can't say enough great things about you and this wonderful concept - it's changed my whole attitude towards dinner! Besides the first-rate quality of the ingredients, the great presentation and the actual fun of putting it together, portion control (and the portions are generous!) is yet another part of the miracle! Having watched my weight and salt intake my whole life, it has been hard for me to buy prepared food - and I have started to resent all the shopping/cooking. Now I can order your delicious meals, control the amount of seasoning, and have portion control I never have when I do all the shopping. And all dieters know that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. I can chose my menu for several days and stick to my delicious program. Rick, you are my miracle man! Bravo and thank you! - Denise