Dinner Thyme

How It Works

What's For Dinner? - The Choice Is Yours

Each week we’ll get you started with a brand new menu. Usually consisting of nine meal options plus four desserts. Feel free to create your perfect menu for the week. Just let us know which items you would like and how many portions (1, 2, 3 or 4) of each. Of course if you don't need help with dinner that week, no problem, no need to order or to skip. We are a non-subscription service. Just order when you want - don't order when you don't.

Our Chefs Go To Work

The day before we ship your order, we gather the fresh ingredients that are needed for your meals. We do all the time consuming preparation – chopping, whisking, marinating, blending, etc. You’re going to really appreciate our efforts when it’s dinner time because your job will be quick and easy while still leaving you with the fun, self-satisfying part that comes with cooking dinner. All dinners take 15 minutes or less.

Your Meals Arrive At Your Home

On your delivery day, your meals will arrive in a secure, well insulated box packed with ice packs. As long as you have a safe place for us to leave your order, you do not need to be home for delivery. Rest assured, our refrigerated delivery box will keep your items fresh and chilly even beyond your scheduled delivery day.

It's Dinner Thyme!

Now this is where things get good! When it’s time for dinner, simply remove the cleaverly packaged, chef prepared ingredients from your refrigerator and start cooking. Since our chefs have done all of the leg work for you, dinner will be on the table quick and easy; 15 minutes or less. Does all of this sound too good to be true? Great, because that is exactly the kind of service we have been providing for seven years. Yes, that makes us the original meal kit company.