Dinner Thyme

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In A Nut Shell, How Does It Work?

On weeks that you want help with dinner, choose your meals from our weekly menu; usually consisting of nine meal options plus desserts. Let us know which meals and how many portions (1, 2, 3 or 4) of each you would like. Order as much or as little as you want but generally most customers order dinners for three or four nights per week. There is a $40 minimum.

The day before your chosen delivery day, we will custom prepare the fresh ingredients for each of your menu items. Preparation includes chopping, seasoning, blending, mixing, marinating and anything else that is necessary to save you time when it comes time to cook your meal. We package the fresh ingredients and clearly label them to correspond with the easy to follow step by step instructions on the included recipe card.

Your meals will be delivered to your home via FedEx in an insulated box packed with ice packs to keep everything at the proper temperature until you can put them in your refrigerator. When it is time for dinner, choose which meal you want to cook, and because the prep work has been done for you, you start cooking immediately. Follow the simple steps on the recipe card and dinner will be done and on your table in less than 15 minutes. Yes, Dinner Thyme is that great.

Where Is Your Service Available?

Our current delivery area

To check if your zip code is in our current delivery area please click here.

What Makes Dinner Thyme Different Than Those Other Services?

No doubt you have noticed there are dozens of meal kit services out there. We are the original meal kit company. The founders of some of those other services were customers of ours before they started their meal kit businesses. They decided to introduce ‘watered down’ versions of our service. We are a chef service, not a grocery service. Chef prepared meal kits with the goal of allowing you to enjoy the benefits of great tasting, home cooked meals without the usual time consuming effort. Dinner Thyme has always been about providing the perfect combination of cooking and convenience. Here’s how we do it:

Dinner In 15 Minutes - Other services are sending you groceries. That saves you a trip to the grocery store. Dinner Thyme goes way beyond that by delivering chef designed meal kits that require less than 15 minutes to prepare from start to finish. In less time than it takes you to prep the groceries that the other services send you, you'll be done cooking your Dinner Thyme meal.

Single Meals – The only meal kit service offering single meals. Order 1, 2, 3 or 4 portions of any of our meals.

No Subscription – Order when you need help with dinner. That’s it. No more receiving unwanted meals when you get too busy or forget to skip the week. We’re here to help and make your life easy; not complicate it.

What Is The Cost Of Your Meals?

Most meals are $11.95 but can range from as little as $9.95 to $12.95 per portion. Desserts range from $1.75 to $3.95 per portion. This puts Dinner Thyme about even with most meal kit services and only a $1 or $2 more expensive per meal than the least expensive services. That $1 or $2 is needed to cover the extra costs involved in preparing the ingredients for you.

Delivery is FREE as long as your order meets our $60 minimum. We understand that sometimes you may not need a full order so we are happy to provide ordering as low as $40 but we'll need a little help with the significant costs associated with shipping. $5 shipping for orders between $50 - $60. $9 shipping for orders between $40 - $50.

How Does Delivery Work?

We ship via FedEx's perishable shipping division Periship. You don't need to be home to receive your order as long as there is a safe place to leave your order which will be packed in an insulated box with ice packs designed to keep your order cold even beyond your scheduled delivery day. Our box, insulation and all contents are 100% recyclable.  Just put them out with your normal everyday recyclables of plastic and cardboard.

Can I Cancel My Service At Any Time?

Absolutely. Just email us and we will take care of it immediately, no questions asked. We make it hassle free and very easy to cancel or place your service on hold. We’re not here to lock you into anything, we’re just looking to provide you with quick, quality dinners! Email our chefs.

Do I Need To Order Every Week?

Definitely not. Order only when you want help with dinner. Don't order when you don't need help.  We are a non-subscription service. You don't need to skip weeks.  No need to worry about receiving unwanted meals when you are too busy or forget to skip the week. Yes, we make everything just that easy.

Are Your Menu Items Available In Single Portions?

Yes, all of our menu items are available as single portions. We know how difficult it is to prepare a quality dinner in a single portion. However, with Dinner Thyme, not only do we make it easy, but we make it cost effective as well. Cooking for a single person requires you to either buy excess ingredients that go to waste, or to cook excess food that can ultimately go to waste as well. Instead, we prep and portion the ingredients to the exact quantity that you order - whether you are feeding one or twenty-one. You pay only for what you will be eating. Problem solved!

I have a food allergy. Can I use your service?

That would depend on the severity of your food allergy. Unfortunately, like other meal kit companies, we prepare all ingredients in the same kitchen as we do with eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. Although we practice proven food safety procedures that are designed to prevent cross contamination, we can not 100% guarantee allergen-free ingredients. Additionally, although we package ingredients individually, ingredients are shipped in the same box so ingredients from one meal that contain allergens might come into contact with ingredients from another meal. Ingredients and allergens are listed on each menu item's web page.

Do You Offer Recipes For Specific Dietary Needs?

We're sorry but at this time Dinner Thyme isn't offering any specifically designed "dietary” menus. You'll find that our menu has offerings that are low carb, low calorie, gluten free, etc. but not by specific design. We are instead providing a diverse menu of well balanced meals that appeal to a broad range of palates.

Please visit our menu page

Do You Sell Gift Certificates?

Absolutely. Here you go. Remember to be sure your recipient lives within our service area.