"the perfect combination of cooking and convenience"

A Better Solution To Dinner

We custom prep your fresh ingredients and include easy-to-follow step by step recipe cards for each menu item.

Each week, choose from over a dozen menu items. All menu items are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 portions.

Our meals are designed to take less than 20 minutes from your fridge to your table. How great is that?

Three Reasons You're Going To Love Cooking With Us


Quick And Easy

With the prep work done for you by Dinner Thyme's talented chefs, you’ll begin cooking immediately. We’ve perfected our recipes to cook quickly and even first time cooks can follow our recipe cards with ease. Imagine: fresh and delicious food on your table in as little as 15 minutes!

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Singles Welcome

Single Eater? – No problem, all of our meals are available in single portions. Also available in two, three and four portions. We’re here to help you, not to box you in with a bunch of restrictions.

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apples and oranges

Like No Other

When comparing cook-at-home meal delivery services, keep in mind we are not at all like other services - apples and oranges as they say. They are sending you groceries and a recipe card (talk about expensive). You are left with prepping all the groceries before beginning to cook and a lot of dishes after you are done cooking. Instead, imagine this - a chef comes into your home, spends the day preparing everything you need to cook a delicious, well balanced meal. When it’s time for dinner, you turn on your stove and start cooking immediately. 15 minutes later, dinner is on the table and there is only one or two dishes to clean. OK, so of course we are not sending you one of our chefs, but essentially this is what it is like to cook with Dinner Thyme.

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apples and oranges


Dinner Thyme delivers all the fresh ingredients, prepped, portioned and packaged, along with step-by-step recipe cards, for you to cook delicious meals quickly and easily. Please keep in mind we are not sending you groceries in a box. Instead we delivery to you "recipe packs" that have been prepared by our team of chefs using fresh ingredients. The recipe packs are designed by our chefs to allow you to fully cook a home cooked meal in around 10 – 15 minutes. Think of us as a chef service that gets you already to cook and then lets you take over the fun and easy part. And of course you get all the credit.

We are a weekly subscription service but without all the downsides. Each week you’ll have complete freedom to create the menu of your choice. There are no commitments or fees. You can skip any week’s delivery. You can even skip up to four weeks in advance. Cancel or suspend your service at any time.

To see more about how it works head over to our How It Works page.

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Dinner Thyme offers a broad and ever-changing menu with each menu item individually priced. Generally our meals are $11.95 but can range in price from as little as $9.95 up to $12.95 per portion. We usually offer a few desserts each week. They generally range between $1.75 to $3.95 per portion. You can view our current menu with the prices by Visiting Our Menu Page.

Delivery is FREE for orders over $60. Orders under $60 pay a reasonable delivery fee - $5 or $9 depending how close your order is to $60.

There are no commitment fees, membership fees or any other fees.

Our current delivery area

You can check to see if your zip code is within our current delivery area By Going To Our Join Page.

We ship via FedEx's perishable shipping division Periship. Your order which will be packed in an insulated box with ice packs designed to keep your order cold until at least 11pm on your delivery day. You don't need to be home to receive your order as long as there is a safe place to leave the box.

Delivery is always FREE for orders that meet our $60 minimum. We understand that sometimes you may not need a full order and so in those cases we are happy to make smaller orders available but we'll need a little help with the cost of delivery. For orders between $50 - $60 there is a $5 delivery fee. $9 for orders between $40 - $50.

Let Our Chefs Help You Put Some Great Meals On The Table

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